Food Tour Through Taiwan


So, what is there to say about Taiwan. A LOT. As an American born Taiwanese, I only learn to appreciate this beautiful island more as I grow older. In addition, as it’s Linda’s first encounter with Asia, Taiwan holds a particularly dear place to our hearts - it doesn’t hurt that there’s all this amazing food to persuade us. This time around, we also had the chance to explore more of the eastern and southern parts, including Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, and Kaohsiung via the HSR pass (why can’t the US have better transit systems??). We also felt far better prepared and tackled almost all the food places we wanted this time, as you’ll see in the pictures below. From Tsukiji-esque seafood, to yummy (and fatty) Gua Bao, to many new boba shops and to hella cheap tea eggs at Family Mart, you better believe we ate our fill.

We started our trip off (with a day and a half in Taipei first) by going off on a tour of eastern Taiwan with my aunt, uncle and cousin - first stop Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake kinda reminds me of a mini Lake Tahoe and boy did we have a joy riding our bikes around the lake. Coincidentally, this is also the place my parents honeymooned at after their wedding so that was rather cool to see. I think our favorite moment was sunrise on Sun Moon Lake. I like all sunrises in general but we thoroughly enjoyed our experience on the glistening still lake as the sun rose from behind the layered mountains.

Next we stopped in Kaohsiung for a bit to visit another one of my aunt and uncle’s family and did the traditional Asian family thing and had a feast followed by a walk to the local night market. By the way, in between all the driving, we would stop at all these roadside restaurants, eating stuff that I basically never saw or knew the name of. Speaking of which, Taiwan’s rest stops are superior in every way.

We also had the chance to stay a couple days in Taichung and spend time with a friend that we had met in Taiwan a couple years ago. She was a huge blessing and took us around to all these wonderful spots in Taichung, showing us premium ice cream locations, lamb hot pot restaurants, wonderful mountainous views and so many other places we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. We also found the parent company of one of our favorite boba shops in the Bay, TPT. For all of that, we were eternally grateful for her hospitality in showing us around.

Anyway, I think Taiwan for us has become a kind of “home” to our Asian backgrounds. In a way, it’s become a familiar place to us, something that we look forward to returning to each time. We are never disappointed each time that we’re back there and we have no plans to ever stop going. This time around, it was definitely focused around food, family and friends and I think the photos speak evidently of that.