Twin Peaks Proposal... starring myself and Linda!


So of course, as a photographer, I had to document as much of my own surprise proposal as any of my other shoots. Luckily, one of my very good friends, Jim Kang graciously woke up at the crack of dawn to help out. Location: Twin Peaks at sunrise. The fog wasn’t as pretty as last time and the wildfires up north muddled the air quality and as always, I completely underestimated the wind and cold. However, given the events leading up to this day, I was happy to even have made it this far. Two weeks prior to the proposal, I got into a severe bike accident that involved smash my face and teeth into the asphalt. Not to mention, the hijacking at Seattle shut down the airport and along with it, the engagement ring that my sister was also supposed to bring down. So I went into this proposal with a “mostly” healed face, temporary braces and no engagement ring with last minute letters written only five hours beforehand (thanks Eric and Kevin for helping out with that). Luckily I was proposing to the most awesome person ever who was able to look past my lack of ring while shivering in the early sunlight and she said yes! Anyway, here’s a documentation of all that happened … and the surprise engagement party that happened later!

P.S. Yes, we already started wedding planning and yes, the wedding will be in Hawaii