Los Altos Hills with Calvin and Elaine

There comes a time where you meet a bride with the
perfect amount of sass, that was Elaine. I also had the chance to see
a man who looked at his bride with incredibly endearing eyes, that was Calvin.

I love the weddings where you feel great not just during the wedding but
also afterwards as well and I can assure you my second shooter
and I felt exactly that. This was my first time at Rosewood, nestled amongst the browning
hills of the California summer. This was also my second time seeing
Calvin and Elaine in person. Despite that, it's safe to say we were
more than comfortable with both of them based on the number of sarcastic
jokes. The funny thing is the first time I met the two, Calvin had some crazy hair going on
so when I saw him on the wedding day, I barely recognized him.

For myself as a photographer, I enjoy getting to know the people I meet
in addition to the photos I take of them and I think Calvin and Elaine
were one of my favorites befriend. From trying to keep the dog appeased, to
trespassing over a gate to get pictures and to quiet moments at dusk, each experience
made up to an incredible day with two amazing people.