Nestldown with Tim and Kelly

I had the chance to photograph Tim and Kelly's wedding at the whimsical
and magical Nestldown and it was perfect. From beginning to end, each moment
of the day was filled with joyous moments - not to mention, the awesome
Harry Potter references dotting the area. I will forever remember this as the first and
probably only wedding where the bridesmaids raise a toast with
wands. This wedding reminds me how much I enjoy getting to know the couple from
the first email to the final photos delivered, except this time we're wrapping up
with an additional post marriage shoot in their finished home. Anyway, I
hope the magic of the day can be felt through the photos, 
because I sure felt that way.

As a last note, this is one of the first weddings I'm posting up as a
digital + film combination. Film is... well, I have some plans
for film :)