Half Dome

Third time's the charm. Well, not really. I don't think
this hike gets any less painful. Wait, let me rephrase that. Getting to the top was
how I imagined it to be - an amazing and glorious feeling as you climb
higher and higher into the mountains. My first experience post drought where we
hiked up through Mist Trail in the darkness and it felt like walking through
a heavy rainstorm with the blasting sound of Vernal Falls in the darkness.
The stars blanketing the heavens up above, you can only look up and feel the very
essence of life coursing through your veins. Further up and further in, the sun slowly slips above the horizon and bathes the towering granite walls with warm light. The silence
of the morning and only the sound of laboring breath and your heartbeat
in the wilderness. Every step forward it gets better and you think "this can't possibly
get better can it?".. but it does. The world becomes bigger and richer the higher you
go. That's why I love this hike (or hiking up mountains in general) so much.

On the way down however, hurts. Everything hurts but you know you experienced
something that makes it so worth it.