Brendan and Megan's Backyard Wedding

One of things that i'm impressed by is DIY projects. When people create
things themselves, I think it brings out their inner soul and in
a way, the thing that create is an expression of who
they are as a person. I love that.

Megan and Brendan's wedding was the very definition of what
i just described. While they chose low key locations, a Saratoga backyard for
their ceremony and the backyard of their newly remodeled home
for the reception, they somehow managed to envision and create
a beautiful and intimate look. I had the pleasure
of seeing their home pre-remodel phase and was more than pleasantly surprised
at the result of their hard work during the reception. 

I feel like Megan and Brendan's personality were also the same way. It was
a pleasure to experience that same intimacy with their families
on the wedding day and to be a part of their adventure
and challenge through such a big transition in their lives.