A Taste of Japan


Round Two:

This time Linda and I decided to visit Japan during cherry blossom
season (aka spring). While we sadly missed
the full bloom due to unseasonably cold weather, we still got a
chance to see a good portion of it, especially further
south in Kyushu. But ya know what that means, just another
excuse to visit Japan during cherry blossom season again. Our goal is to hit
the four seasons in Japan - so we're debating on going back
for autumn to the Sapporo region next fall... either that or Taiwan/Singapore
again. Yeah, we really like Asia.

Anyway, this trip was a way better culinary experience the last one. 
Probably because we a) have more money and b) had Linda's
awesome Uncle's wife (who is from Japan) to show us
all the good stuff. You'll see more in the following pictures but
I'd say the pinnacle of taste was the Turo I had the pleasure of tasting. 
Like OH MY GOD, I haven't had anything like that in my life
before and pretty much all sushi will fall short of that
experience henceforth.

I also had the chance to try out Fugu (pufferfish).. and didn't die. It was
alright as sashimi but especially good when fried. Also forgive me, I
also got the chance to try whale - which was a rather
disappointing experience actually. Regardless, it's a good thing all that
walking burned off all those calories that were consumed.

Outside of food, Japan was a blur of beauty, cleanliness, and perfection. 
Gah every time I think about it, it's just an amazing place
and it makes it so difficult planning trips to Europe because half the
time I prefer being back in Asia. Okay, before I'm 30 we're
going to try to tackle some European countries.

Regardless of what happens, I will be back! I love Japan too much