Marin Wedding with Jeff and Kirstie

When I look back on my friendship with Jeff and Kirstie, 
I'm constantly amazed at how random events led us to cross paths and
then ultimately lead me to having the chance to photograph
their wedding. I still remember the early days when Kirstie
was just starting A Jar of Pickles and my photography skills were still
in their infancy. Our friendship grew alongside our hobby businesses
and it was always fun being able to debate, trade ideas, and argue over
the best ways to grow. Jeff, I met a couple years after Kirstie and
for a brief amount of time, we were housemates. In almost the same
way as Kirstie, Jeff and I grew in our friendship through the similar paths
that we've walked in our careers. So it's kinda crazy seeing the two of
them getting married after having been friends with them separately at first but
after hearing and dwelling in their lives for the briefest moments, it
totally 100% makes perfect sense. 

P.S. It was a wonderfully golden Californian wedding

Shoes: Sam Eldeman
Dress: Willowby Watters
Bridesmaid Dresses: AZAZIE, Vow To Be Chic, Amsale  
Suit: Black Lapel, Original Stitch
Venue: Mill Valley Recreation
Caterer: Ken Tsang Catering
Videographer: Daniel Lee
DJ: djgwrex