An Experiment in Film


During my week off transitioning between jobs, I
not only had the chance to visit friends in Chicago and Boston but
also had the opportunity to experiment a little more
with film. First of all, I really love film - I love it and I can
see a future where I'll obtain one, especially a medium format. But with
that said, film is definitely far more difficult to shoot than
I had originally imagined. Since film isn't exactly cheap, I was
well aware that each shot I took had to be perfectly set. 
No live view, no reviews, and no retakes. If you mess it up then
you've wasted a couple dollars and believe me, it adds up fast. 
When you'er working under pressure or time sensitive moments,
it gets even harder because you just better hope you
got the metering and composition just right. Despite all that, 
there's a certain satisfaction to shooting with film. I already plan
every shot that I take on digital but with film, I spend even more
time planning and thinking even further in advance because I wanted
every single shot to count. In any sense, I enjoyed the process
to a large degree and I think I want to continue pursuing it. 
This time I was using an old Canon 35mm film camera, that allowed
me to use my current lens line up with the body. In the future though, 
I'd like to own a medium format, preferably the Contax 645
for a completely unique look to my current equipment. The hard part
will be deciding which one my cameras to bring with me.

Anyway, here's a full gallery of only the film shots from the trip - I'll have a
separate post with the all digital shots. I think one more
interesting thing to note is that I don't necessarily control the editing
process with film. The film is sent into a lab for scanning and they mimic
the edits based on my style. So while they're close to how
I edit them, they're not exactly the same. Besides some light touch ups, 
these shots are purely the way they came out on camera. I think
that's a really cool aspect of film, because it feels like the pure essence
of the moment is captured by a physical material. I don't know
how to explain it but there's something just so wonderful
about that thought.