Rainy Day in SF with Andy, Nana, and Frankie

Nana first contacted me on Instagram asking about family photos - little did
I know that this small interaction would be a match made in heaven. The day of the
shoot, San Francisco was a rainy and windy mess but Nana's home was a
quiet blissfulness with a tasteful palette to match.

Frankie was only a couple weeks old at the time but she was so well behaved
and so sweet. I love this photo set simply because it's so clear
how much Andy, Nana, and Frankie adore each other. Just take a glance at Nana's
eyes at the first photo, there's so much joy in them!

I'm so glad I had the pleasure to shoot for Nana and her family, it felt like
I was simply catching a glimpse of their new adventure with Frankie.