The Parshadhap home was a beautiful little place
set in the rural part of the Nepal. What would've been a 12 hour drive
ended up being a 20 minute flight from Kathmandu to the local
airport. Boy did I feel out of place here - although Coca Cola
and Hyundai seemed to the prevalent advertisers here too.

For some reason I woke up every morning for sunrise here and I enjoyed
every moment of it. Seeing how the low lying fog mixed with cooking
fires being started while the orange glow rose up
above the horizon. I also remember hearing the sound of the putt putt
of mopeds going by, the sweeping from the children cleaning the ground
and the barking dog as the milkman came by the gate.

Many of the kids were far younger here and it was an absolute pleasure
playing games and getting to know them. There was just so much
laughter and joy spending time with the kids day by day. On the last day, 
we walked with the younger kids to school and man, what a bittersweet

Here we also spent time with the elderly home and that was an
incredible experience. We visited one of the homes of the elderly couples
and boy was I shocked. Their home was very barebones - tin roof, tarp walls,
dirt floor.. and that was pretty much it. I had never seen anything
like that before and it was eye opening for me.

A cool little story I'd like to share before I close is that we also took time to visit
a Nepali church. I had volunteered to share my testimony there and
one of the things I mentioned was that the verse
"for my yoke is easy and my burden is light" was a really important verse to me. 
I asked the congregation if they knew about that verse and all of them
pointed behind me - turns out the Nepali words on the wall behind me was
that exact verse.