Nicole and Nick at the Santa Lucia Preserve

I love bistro lights. Okay, I had to say that, now to the actual writing.

You know what I absolutely love? I love it when people share the same vision.
When Nicole and I first talked, she shared with me the vision she had for her wedding
day - a rustic hacienda set in Carmel's golden hills with a close group of
friends and family. The crazy thing is that she shared it so well that the reality
met the expectations I had. It's safe to say that the Santa Lucia Preserve is one of my
absolute favorite places.

This was the first wedding I shot where the total guest count numbered less than 20 and
well, it was just simply wonderful to experience. Scroll all the way to the bottom
to see the added bonus we got at the end of the day!

Venue: Santa Lucia Preserve
Dress: Amy Kuschel