This is a review for the Fuji X-Pro2. I don't generally write these kinds of things but the Fuji has been so impressive that I felt like I should. I'm also not going to go heavily into the technical aspects simply because in my opinion, at some point, it doesn't really matter.

For the past couple years, I've been looking for a camera to supplement my current setup and I've finally made the jump to a Fuji X-Pro2 (Thanks to Nancy Nguyen for suggesting it when I first saw her use the xt10 on her Instagram). I actually had a Fuji X100.. T? several years back but ended up selling it because I just couldn't stand being stuck on a single focal length. This time I think I've found one of the most delightful cameras I've gotten my hands on since I first bought Canon t2i. I had a fairly specific list of requirements and the Fuji fulfills them without a doubt

1. Has to be good as a walk around day to day camera meaning that it's
2. Light
3. Relatively small but at the same time
4. Something that packs close to the power I'm used to with my 6D and
5. has the option for interchangeable lenses

I spent a weekend in LA and put the camera through several different shoots, you can see some of the shots from Fui below. Here are my thoughts about it during my time of use.

Weight and Size

Boy is this thing light. Coming from the traditional full frame DSLR, this thing is like carrying a feather around.. I really love that because it makes me want to take the camera out with me every time I go out. This leads me to the next point that the form factor is just so conveniently small... especially the lens, I've never seen one so cute and tiny. I don't even feel like I need a camera bag for this, I just throw it right on my shoulder.

Looks and Feel

Aesthetically, the X-Pro2 looks really pretty, not sure what it is but it just looks good...something something vintage. The sound of the shutter is also nice and soft - no loud "KACHACK" but rather a pleasant and soft click. I feel more comfortable slipping it out to take subtle shots and people in general feel less intimidated by it, which is really great in comparison to the big ass DSLR and massive lens looking straight into your soul.


I also tended to gravitate to the automatic modes on the Fuji.. which is really strange because I shoot almost exclusively in manual (including manual focusing) on the Canon - that may change later on but overall it does a good job for moments when I want quick shots without a ton of legwork. I thought I might not like the hybrid viewfinder but it's like shooting live view except through the view finder so.. no issues there. Otherwise I've really had no issues adjusting aperture, exposure compensation and other things on the fly. The white balancing is also phenomenal - both indoors and out - dare I say .. even better than Canon. I don't have one I like more in particular but I enjoy both and it's refreshing to see something different.


I don't know much about the Fuji lens line but so far I've tried the .. I think 17mm? and bought a 35mm (50mm equivalent). I'm definitely not a wide angle kind of person and the quality of the lens is pretty solid to me. Picture quality is also pretty great and while the bokeh is a little less intense than the 50mm f1.2 I'm used to, it's perfectly sufficient. Overall, can't complain for a lens that only cost me $300


So, I used this camera in several different settings (full albums will be up later). I've uploaded some shots below and well, I think the pictures speak for themselves. Originally I had dabbled with the idea of getting one of the Sony a7 bodies but I'm really happy to have gotten the Fuji instead. I know the a7rii is rated as one of the most perfect camera built but I think something about the Fuji just seems to give it character and I just really like that. Ultimately it comes down to enjoyment and I think for me, my gut feeling to go with the Fuji was correct this time because it's a delight to use and shoot and I look forward to many more years with the X-Pro2.

Locations - Los Angeles, CA
Model - Hojo (Instagram @Hojos)
Wedding - SJ and Alice