Cleve and Grace | Married

I took Cleve and Grace's engagement photos several months ago during the spring - actually I believe they were the last engagement photos I took in Ann Arbor ever - and it was a beautiful adventure going through different parts of Ann Arbor with them. At the time, Cleve was finishing up pharm school and they were preparing to move out to Chicago just as I was moving out to California.

It was no different, however, when I returned to Chicago this time for a whole new set of adventures through Illinois. Being with Cleve and Grace during their wedding day was a blessing to me and joyous one at that - for me it always make things easier when I'm photographing a down to earth and beautiful couple and they were exactly that. Chicago also proved to live up to its name of being the Windy City but despite that, we still managed to capture amazing shots of the two of them.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the dancing afterwards. I never expected but they totally surprised me just how crunk Cleve and Grace could get on the dance floor. All things said and done, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and well.. the pictures will speak for themselves!