I. LOVE. TAIWAN. This was hands down our favorite country that we visited and my first time back since I was six! SIX, almost 20 years. Taiwan was a mix of upscale malls, run down alleys, bustling night markets, grandiose landscapes, and wondrous (if somewhat dubious) smells - we loved every second of it. This island by far had the best and cheapest food, although I might be biased about taste since I'm Taiwanese. Every place that we visited just seemed to get better and better, and that's only from visiting the major cities.

We spent most of our time in Taipei and explored around the outer areas of the metropolitan area in order to experience the full environment. I had to visit some relatives so we also took the high speed rail down to Kaohsiung and got a taste of the beautiful countryside. Unfortunately I didn't take many food photos with the DSLR on this trip but most of it is on my Instagram so check it out there

Total length of the trip was 10 days (counting the day we left as well) and we hit up most of the common spots people visit. Here were a few spots we visited: Jiufen, Shilin night market, Raohe, Tamsui, Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain etc. Weather was also ridiculously hot and humid although when it rained it helped cool down the area a lot. I'm reminiscing back on this trip as a type and boy do I miss Taiwan.

If I could redo the trip again, I would've stayed longer in Taiwan and spent another two weeks exploring the rest of the island but I guess I'll save that for next time! Believe me, I guarantee there's going to be a next time - my mileage is just itching to be used.