Seoul was a short 5 day stay in a quaint little neighborhood. Originally we had planned to stay for just over a week in Korea in order to visit Busan and a few other places but MERS cut the trip short.. Looking back we probably didn't need to leave earlier but hey, we ended up visiting Osaka and Japan earlier so we didn't lose out on too much! 

We spent our whole time in Seoul and did a lot of eating. Our favorite places were probably naengmyeon, patbingsu, and this one dumpling restaurant that Kathleen introduced to me. I also was able to visit old friends who I hadn't seen in several years. The thing that stood out to me the most while in Korea was the mix between the old and new - at least in the area we stayed in. There were lots of traditional looking houses and businesses on the outside with fusion interiors. I thought that was pretty cool.

Another incredibly enjoyable activity was biking along the Han River. That was a beautifully amazing day. There was lots of wonderful scenery and the atmosphere was very casual and pleasant. If anything, the day on the Han River probably stood out to me the most during our time in Korea. We also had hoped to see some kpop stars around Seoul but no luck :(

You can bet on us being back in Korea in the near future! Five days was hardly enough for us and we definitely want to see more, especially Busan.