Hong Kong

Hot, humid, and sweaty ... and gorgeous... that's the perfect way to describe Hong Kong - at least for the time of year that we went. As total amateurs to Asia, my girlfriend and I had no idea the kind of weather system we'd be running into. So basically, the rain followed us to every country that we went to but no matter, rain didn't dispel our spirits.

I've never been to New York City. The biggest cities I've been to (besides the ones in Taiwan) are the ones stateside like LA, San Francisco, and Chicago. I guess Hong Kong is what I imagine to be the asian version of New York City - lots of tall skyscrapers, pretty lights, bustling nightlife, and crowded everywhere. In Hong Kong, we could never truly left the city behind. Even in our hikes up "remote" mountainsides, apartment complexes and high rises were always within sight. I can say however that Hong Kong's skyline was my favorite.

One of my favorite places that we visited (courtesy of Linda's friend Peter) was Lamma Island. Lamma Island was a peaceful contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. There were lots of small seafood stands by the shore and on the other side of the island, a couple and small mom and pop shops. Despite the humidity, we hiked up during sunset to the sole wind turbine at the top of the island and boy was it gorgeous the whole way up.

We also dined in many places - from street style food to restaurants seated at the top of high rises - there was never a boring day exploring the different food places in this city.

Will I revisit this city one day? A very good possibility! Taiwan is first but perhaps on a cooler and less humid day, I'll love Hong Kong even more.

P.S. Sadly I accidentally overrode the first couple day's worth of pictures so this album doesn't cover as much as I'd like it to .. either way, enjoy!