The Best Views Follow the Hardest Climbs


These photos are not new, they’re something like four years old. Actually, they’re photos from when I first met Linda and was one of our first activities together during our internship. I’m finally posting these since our wedding is coming up in less than two weeks (can you believe it?! I sure can’t) and taking a moment to reflect. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Mission Peak and I’ve more or less swapped early morning hikes for bike rides but the reason behind it hasn’t changed. One theme seems to remain the same, which is that for some reason, I enjoy the challenge (and sometimes the suffer-fest) that comes with climbing up a mountain, whether it’s hiking or cycling. Looking back at these photographs, I completely understand why I will myself up at 4am because in these moments, I find glimpses of heaven on earth, no matter how easy or hard the process is. In the same way, as I think about marriage with Linda, I also look back at all the ups and downs we’ve gone through the past few years and I find every bit of that worthwhile. We’ve shared many arguments, disagreements and difficulties but at the same time, we’ve also found so much joy in sharing our passions with one another, exploring the world, dancing to kpop, and seeing what Jesus means to us. So in a way, I attribute the start of this journey similarly to waking up at the crack of dawn, anticipating climbing up Old La Honda, knowing that I’ll be thinking “wtf, my legs are dying, I should be in a warm bed right now.” I have the option to give it up and go back to sleep but you know what? It really is worth it every. single. time.