Under the Bistro Lights with Ivan and Ashley

People have often asked me if I feel sad about missing on the fun parts of a wedding - things like the dancing, relaxing and eating with people, etc. I've thought about this time and time again and I realized I do enjoy it, even if I'm not participating in activities similar to the audience. To me, I get to be a part of the couple's most intimate and special moments and to be able to photograph that is a gift to me. 

I met Ivan and Ashley through a mutual friend of ours and I had the chance to build a friendship with the two of them. Through the last few months, I got to see their quirks and their personalities and my goal was to capture that during their wedding day. To be have been a part of their lives through their engagement photos till now has been a wonderful blessing to witness the testimony that God has shown through the both of them.

Here's to Ivan and Ashley!

Venue: Saratoga Springs